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March 8, 2011

Happy Independence Day Malaysia

Hi All,Let’s celebrate this Independece Day differently.Do something fot your nation-you can recycle,go green,become a vegetarian or just read about our nation’s struggles and reflect.Do something for your country.Be grateful we are in a land that sustaining.I enjoyed this commercial.As a citizen,I value the message behind it.There is this NEW seed of an idea.Malaysian’s schoolchildren are displayed as innovators and inventors!What more,the student are kind,caring&work together beyond race &colour.I hope this is not jist an ideology,but a practice that will be the vanguard of 1Malaysia.Kudos country!Kudos Malaysia..

saja ucap awal walaupon merdeka lambat lagi.. :)

1 comment:

  1. tak tau la knpa..kenapa semua entry nie misteri..
    tak lawak pun.tapi still mggelikan hati..
    pelik kan..?
    mmg misteri..hu3


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